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Time Management

We are often asked to assist agents and agencies in enhancing their time management skills. Their motivation is usually the desire and need to get more done in less time. While the fundamentals of time management are quite direct and simple, we found many individuals (and more than a few organizations) unable to cope with the skills set of time management.

When we analyzed the time management successes and failures to identify the differences, we found that the major differences were inherent in the individuals trying to change their behavior. Time management successes were inevitably calmer, focused and comfortable with themselves. Conversely, the people for whom time management principals did not work were frenetic scattered and lacked true self-confidence.

For the successful time managers, the skills that we transmitted were easily adopted because the skills reflected values and beliefs that were already a part of their personalities. Their self-esteem and self-confidence came from within, and the time management skills were just the mechanisms that maximized their performance.

On the other hand, those time management students who quickly slipped back into their old habits questioned the validity of each principal that we taught them because the chaos in which they lived was more comfortable than the resolution to the chaos. They knew that time managers get more done. That is why they asked us to assist them, but they did not want to sacrifice the beliefs that cause their frenetic pace for priority-driven time management. Obviously, you must believe in the values that coincide with time management to make use of these principles.

Anyone who feels "out of control" and desires to enhance time management skills should read The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management, by Hyrum W. Smith, before attempting to enhance their time management skills. If you find that your values truly coincide with time management skills, go for it! Otherwise, you are simply spinning your wheels.